Update: 1/17/07

Valerie is a dark brindle female greyhound estimated to be about 2 years old. Valerie was found as a stray along with Kay and Fannie huddled in a ditch in an area south of Fort Worth. Valerie is not tattooed. Valerie was not as thin as Kay and Fannie, as she weighed in at 54.8 when she arrived. However, preliminary test results show her to be heartworm positive. Her treatment regime will be based on further medical evaluations at this time. Valerie is being closely monitored by Dr. Christy Soileau and Dr. Jeff Ellis of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital. Check back for periodic updates. Valerie is not cat tolerant.


Update 1/17/07
Valerie began her second round of heartworm treatment on Monday, January 15, which consisted of two injections of Immiticide, given 24 hours apart. She has tolerated the treatment okay at this time, but is being closely monitored for any adverse reactions. It is imperative that her activity level remain very quiet. Her foster home is watching her very carefully. It will now be another 60 days before she can be tested to see if the treatments have been successful.

Update 12/15/06
Valerie's medical evaluation showed she could begin the heart treatment which was started on Monday, December 11. She is also positive to Babesia, but treatment for that will have to wait awhile. Valerie tolerated the initial single treatment without serious side effects and was released to her foster home on Thursday, December 14. Her activity level will be closely monitored to be kept to a minimum by her foster mom, and she will be leash walked only. Valerie's heartworm treatment will be continued approximately January 11, 2007. Sincere thanks to all who have had Valerie, Kay and Fannie in their thoughts and prayers.

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