Update: 1/23/07

Nora is an approximately 2-3-year-old petite black girl with white stocking feet. Her age is estimated as she is not tattooed. Since Nora came into the Fort Worth Animal Control as a stray, her history is not known. She is heartworm positive and positive to Babesia. As soon as she gains a little weight, her treatment for these two diseases will begin, hopefully by September 12th. It will be a long process to treat her, as one injection for the heartworms will be given, then wait 30 days until the second and third injections are given 24 hours apart. Then there will be a 60-day waiting period during which Nora will have to be kept extremely quiet with a very low activity level. Nora is cat tolerant but has not been introduced to small dogs.


Update 1/23/07
Nora was retested on January 22, 2007, and is once again testing positive to heartworms. Dr. Jeff Ellis recommends we re-treat her on February 5. Hopefully the fourth time will work. Bless her heart!



Update 12/23/06
Nora was retested on December 22 and is still testing positive to heartworms. Dr. Ellis recommends waiting another 30 days for the next test.

Update 11/05/06
Nora received her second round of treatments for heartworms on October 17 and 18. It was very hard on her, and she was sore for several days. Nora went back to see Dr. Ellis on November 3, as she had symptoms that indicated she could have thrown a blood clot. Nora is being kept very, very quiet at this time. It will be sixty days from her treatment on October 18 before she can be retested, which will be approximately December 18, 2006.

Update 09/15/06
Nora received her first injection of heartworm treatment on September 14. She is being kept very quiet until her second round of treatment in approximately 4 weeks.


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