Update: 10/1/05


Bayou, aka I Blew By You, is a handsome four-year-old red male, born September 15, 2000. Bayou’s sire is Graceland Blaze and his dam is High Spirited. Bayou, exactly like Kyle, started his racing career on June 12, 2002 at Jacksonville, Florida and finished at Valley Race Park in Harlingen on April 6, 2003. Bayou’s Protatek tick panel test results show he is positive to Ehrlichia at a fairly high titer. His treatment has started and will continue for at least 60 days, which will take him to the middle of January 2005 at least. It is not known at this time if Bayou is small animal or cat tolerant.

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Update 10/1/05
Bayou finished another round of antibiotics, and his bloodwork was submitted 9/28 for a retest of his titers. As soon as results are known, his status will be posted.

After Bayou finished his meds, he needed to wait 3 weeks before being retested. His titers have not changed from his previous testing. His medication is being readjusted and administered.

Bayou is doing well and is tolerating his medication very well. He will be receiving treatment until June 15, when he will be retested again.

Bayou was retested for Ehrlichia and although his titers have dropped, they have not decreased enough to go forward with his further medical treatment. He will start on another round of Doxycycline.

Bayou, like Kyle, finished his first round of meds and was retested two weeks subsequent to then. His titers have not changed, so he will be on medication for another 30 days, with retesting three weeks thereafter.


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