Bomber, aka Barbie’s Bomber, is a handsome shiny black 3-year-old male, born December 30, 2001. His sire is Big Blitz and his dam is Barbie Jade, making his grand sire HB’s Commander. His racing career spans 47 races, starting November 29, 2003 at Valley Race Park, progressing to Dubuque and the ending December 4, 2004 when he suffered a hock injury at the Valley Race Park.

Dr. Jeff Ellis has referred him to the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center. Bomber has a Grade IV right central tarsal bone fracture with the collapse of the medial joint compartment. He is under the care of Dr. Robert Radasch, and his surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, January 26, 2004. Dr. Radasch is recommending a lag screw stabilization, with a possible bone graft and plate application. He will be in a post-operative splint for approximately 6-8 weeks after surgery. The estimated cost of Bomber’s surgery is approximately $1700, not counting his follow up cast and splint changes.

Bomber is small animal and cat tolerant.

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From Bomber’s foster mom:

Bomber is a big beautiful boy who is quiet and gentle. He is an absolute joy to have in the house. He has not had one accident, and within just a few days has learned to ask to go outside to potty by going to the door and gently putting his nose in the blinds to make a little noise. He is a little reserved at first, but not really shy. He seems to evaluate a situation when a new person has come to the house and will come in and out of the room to see if it is “safe”. He quickly sees that everything is fine and will very quietly approach for a neck or ear rub!

Bomber and friends

He is figuring out all the sounds of a house, such as TV’s, treat jars and vacuums. He has also learned that squeaky toys can be fun and entertaining. Bomber has also shown that he is a true collector. Anything that is missing – socks, towels or shoes, just to name a few, are probably in his bed. He is also a true gentleman and always lets the ladies go out the door first. He is living in a house with two large female dogs and a cat and he is getting along fantastically with all. He spends his day sleeping hard with the other dogs and is very happy when you return home. He is a very eager eater and has also learned to take treats from my hand. He will be a fantastic addition to your home if you are looking for a calm, quiet boy that will become your new shadow.


Update 3/31/05
Bomber's cast came off on Wednesday, March 30! He is not using his leg very much right now, which is totally expected. Dr. Radash says it will probably be several weeks before we start to see Bomber using it as a weight-bearing leg. There are several sores to heal, which will be a lot easier now that the air can get to them. Bomber is scheduled to be neutered, et al in the next two weeks, and then he is off to find his FOREVER HOME!

Update 2/3/05
Bomber is tolerating the cast very well, and is having his bandage and cast changed every 10 days. His stitches will come out on February 7, and from then it will just be a matter of time. His foster mom is monitoring his activity level to keep it to a minimum at this time.

Update 1/27/05
Bomber's surgery on January 26 went very well. Dr. Radasch made a limited approach over the central tarsal bone of the right ankle. The fragments were reduced and stabilized with two 2.7 mm screws. Post-operatively, a splint was applied after routine closure. A cast was then put on and will remain for 10-14 weeks with an x-ray at 8 weeks.


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