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for Retired Racers!

Do you have well-meaning friends and relatives that give you and your dogs and cats gifts at Christmas that are just...well...not quite right? It's the thought that counts, but if you can't use it (or Fido and Samantha turn up their noses), why not give it to someone who can use it? GALT has another opportunity for you to do just that! GALT will accept donations of dog and cat related items that will be auctioned off in our Carpe Canem Online Auction at the end of February 2007. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • GALT will accept dog and cat related items through January 31, 2007
  • Please coordinate pick-up/drop-off with Sara Ramadan at
  • You will receive a tax donation form, so please make sure that we can clearly see your name and address on the label - if you prefer, please include it inside your box/bag or provide in an email to GALT at
  • Please do not send food or treats - these items cannot be auctioned off due to health reasons
  • Blankets, beds, coats, and other wearables must still have the tags on them and not show any wear (auction participants expect to receive new items)
  • Toys should still be new, not played with, and still in original packaging due to health reasons
  • Home decor should not be broken, chipped, stained or show any wear


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