Faith is a white and fawn female. She is not tattooed, but is estimated to be 4 to 5 years old. She was seized from a Fort Worth home along with her 8 puppies on July 6, 2011. She was covered in ticks and fleas and weighed only 39.5 pounds. Due to the care provided by Fort Worth Animal Control and Care, almost all of her external parasites were dead by the time we received her on July 13th. She is extremely thin and malnourished and is carrying a huge burden of intestinal parasites as well as testing positive to Ehrlichia. Faith's right ear flap has been surgically removed, and from the scarring it appears to be from some time ago. She is receiving treatment for the parasites and Ehrlichia. Faith is heartworm negative at this time.

Faith is not cat tolerant.

UPDATE 7/16/11

Faith has an extremely high positive titer to Ehrlichia Canis at 1:655,360 - as reported by Protatek Reference Lab.

As soon as Faith gains some weight and her bloodwork shows improvement from her present condition, she will receive additional treatment to the Doxycylcline she is receiving now with Imizol injections. She'll be much more comfortable when her milk dries up. Faith is on additional antibiotics and antihistamines right now because she has a slight cough and she's been chewing on her back leg which looks like it has a rash.

UPDATE 7/27/11

About 10 days ago Faith started coughing, so intensive antibiotics were prescribed by Dr. Jeff Ellis on July 18, which seemed to help her quite a bit. However, Faith developed a bloody discharge, so she was seen by Dr. Ellis on Monday, July 25. She has been changed to a different medication, and Faith is being closely monitored. She is being treated again for intestinal parasites, so her appetite is not what we would like it to be. Her weight gain has been minimal, but we think with her milk drying up she has moved some of that milk weight to useful weight for her.

UPDATE 9/16/11

Faith was seen by Dr. Ellis, on 9/15 for her first injection of Imizol as treatment for Ehrlichia Canis and Babesia Canis. Her weight still hovers a little under 40 pounds, but he is pleased with her current improved bloodwork and she has finally tested negative to intestinal parasites!

UPDATE 10/11/11

Faith's appetite has finally kicked in and she's eating with gusto instead of picking at her food. We're hoping she'll start to gain some weight now. She received her second injection of Imizol.

UPDATE 11/6/11

Faith was retested for her Ehrlichia and Babesia Canis titers, and she has been successfully treated for both! She also received a PCR test, which revealed negative results for Ehrlichia and Babesia. She is now cleared to finish her medical procedures.

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