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Texas Greyhound Farm Friends

The Robert Tucker Hayes Foundation (RTHF) has recently made another very generous commitment to assist GALT in its fund-raising efforts, focusing attention on helping with the medical costs for GALT greyhounds displaced due to farm closings or other related economic hardships for Texas breeders. It takes a minimum of $500 to cover the medical expenses for each of these farm greyhounds, many of whom are senior dogs with special medical needs.

For every $1,000 donated to GALT’s Texas Greyhound Farm Friends (TGFF) fund, RTHF will match $1,000, up to a maximum of $5,000. By reaching the total goal of $10,000 - $5,000 from TGFF and $5,000 from RTHF - our Farm Friends will assist GALT with the medical costs for as many as 20 farm greyhounds!

GALT has taken in 5 of the oldest greyhounds from a farm closing in south Texas. Three of these are Irish born and bred, so they are GALT’s O’Greys – ChaCha, Foxie and Patty. The other two are JoJo and Nice Girl. Each completed all medical procedures, losing most of their teeth from the severe dental condition.   There is nothing like a senior greyhound! Please consider making a place in your heart and home for one of these girls. All they need is a soft place to lay and food for their tummies.

Sadly, Foxie and Patty were in their foster homes for only a short, short time before they went to the Rainbow Bridge.  All have taken comfort in the fact that each sweet girl was surrounded by those who loved her when she crossed over.

On December 18, Go Go, aka Give and Go, and Madge, aka Darys Lady, joined GALT’s family.

Please donate to help these greyhounds. 

TGFF Donations

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